Temagami Vacation in Northern Ontario

Temagami vacation

Have fun under the sun in Temagami Ontario Canada.

Angus Lake Lodge for your next Temagami Vacation
Plan includes accommodations in cottage, supper on day of arrival, three meals each day, breakfast on day of departure, boat & motor. Prices are per person. 2 person minimum. Make a reservation at Angus Lake Lodge for a fishing experience you will not soon forget!
Angus Lake Lodge is located 50 miles north North Bay, right on Hwy 11. Fish for northern pike, pickerel (walleye), and smallmouth bass on Angus Lake. Or try one of our 10 outpost lakes at no extra charge (with the rental of a boat and motor) where you can fish for pike, pickerel, sauger, smallmouth bass, lake trout, and speckled trout. We are situated in W.M.U.40, on the border of a large game preserve, what we like to call a hunter's dream. Enjoy swimming in the clear waters of Angus Lake, or shoot a couple of holes on our mini golf course, and on those rainy days sit back in our recreation room complete with pool table and satellite TV.
Housekeeping Cottage Rentals Day Week 1 Bedroom Cottage (up to 2 persons) $80.00 $390.00 2 Bedroom Cottage (up to 4 persons) $100.00 $495.00 3 Bedroom Cottage (up to 6 persons) $110.00 $560.00 Each additional person. $20.00 $90.00 Housekeeping guests are requested to furnish their own towels and dish towels Our cottages are all situated within 50 ft. of the lake, and fully equipped for housekeeping which includes hot and cold water, private bathrooms, blankets, pillows and linen, dishes, kitchen utensils, cutlery, spring filled mattresses, bedding, propane and electric heat and cook stoves, and electric refrigerators.
Motel Single $50.00 Double $55.00 Each additional person -- $5.00 Our motel units are equipped with electric heat, four piece bathroom and T.V. Stay with us for a day or a week.
American Package Plan Daily Weekly 1 person $95.00 $600.00 Children under 10 years of age $300.00 This plan includes, three meals a day, boat, motor and gas, accommodations, landing net and life jackets. Accommodations in cottage or motel unit, whichever is more preferable.
DINING ROOM We serve delicious home cooked European and Canadian style meals for guests on the American Package Plan or Fishing Specials.
PETS Pets are welcome, but it is the owners responsibility to make sure that the pet is kept on a leash at all times.
Boat and Motor Rentals Hourly Daily Weekly Boat $40.00 $150.00 Motor $50.00 $190.00 Boat & Motor $25.00 $90.00 $300.00 Canoe $5.00 $20.00 $90.00 Guiding $110.00 We provide life jackets and paddles with each boat and canoe rental along with gas and repair kits with motor rentals. Boats are 12-14' aluminum boats with 4-9 hp motors on Angus Lake and 2-2.5 hp motors on our outpost lakes.
FISHING Fish for northern pike, pickerel, and smallmouth bass on Angus Lake. You may also try fishing for northern pike, pickerel, sauger, smallmouth bass, lake trout, and speckled trout on one of our 10 outpost lakes: Ingall Lake Rankin Lake Threeportage Lake Upper Redwater Lake Lower Redwater Lake No-Name Lake Tent Lake Pig Lake Rabbit Lake Waha Lake Click here to see a map of the locations of our outpost lakes. Renting a boat allows you to fish on any one of our outpost lakes at no extra charge. We already have boats situated on most of our outpost lakes, we supply small 2 - 2.5 hp motors, repair kits, life jackets and gas which are carried in to each lake along with your fishing gear. Outpost lakes are accessed by car and short portages. (Click on image for larger picture.)
FALL BLACK BEAR HUNT We have a very good population of black bear in the area. Our lodge has many continually baited blinds. Upon your arrival, we will take you to a tree stand, to which one or more bears regularly come. Thereafter, you can travel to and from your tree stand at your convenience. Please don't forget to bring your old licence. Usually during spring bear hunting we have warm weather, but we recommend that you take good boots and warm clothes. We hunt on the border of the game preserve. We will freeze bear skins for you and prepare them for transportation. The price for a six day package plan is $1800.00 in Canadian currency. This includes 3 meals a day, accommodation, baited blind for every hunter in the party and daytime boat and motor. The deposit for reservations is $500.00 for each hunter. Size of black bears killed in our area extend from 190 lb. to 460 lb. We also recommend to take with you a flash light and rain coat. You will pay extra for your hunting licence and duty on the skin (US hunters only). A 25% deposit is required on all bookings, non-refundable. LIMITED AMOUNT OF HUNTERS PER SEASON (Click on image for larger picture.)
MOOSE HUNTING We hunt on the border of a large game preserve, what we call a hunter's dream. W.M.U.40 A $50.00 (heating) surcharge is added to the existing cottage price during moose hunting season. A 25% deposit at the time of the booking is required, and the balance of the account is due on arrival. (Click on image for larger picture.)
You may also hunt for the following small game: Rabbit Grouse Click here for information on fishing and hunting regulations in Ontario.
George and Elizabeth Tamchina can be contacted in the following ways: Angus Lake Lodge 4800 Hwy 11 N., TEMAGAMI, ONTARIO, CANADA http://www.onlink.net/angus

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