Temagami Vacation in Northern Ontario

Temagami vacation

Have fun under the sun in Temagami Ontario Canada.

Beaverland Camp Marten River
Nature fashioned this wild garden Thirty miles beyond North Bay Made of it a sportsman's Eden, Unsurpassed in Canada. Jewelled by lakes and streams entrancing, Where the Beaver ages toiled, Come and view the works they built In a forest still unspoiled. The proof of the fish is in the eating Catch them in waters crystal clear and cool, Come and be happy folks, this life is fleeting, Come where pine trees shadow many a spring-fed pool.
Beaverland Camp 52 Beaverland Road Marten River Ontario P0H 1T0 (705) 892-2224 Email - info@beaverland.on.ca - Website

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