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West Nipissing Resort
R.R. #1, Hwy. 64
Lavigne, Ontario,
Canada P0H 1R0

Tel: (705) 594-2549 1 888 673 6429  
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Canadian fishing  in Ontario

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West Nipissing Resort vacation rentals. A cottage rental and fishing resort located just 4 hours north of Toronto, Ontario. West Nipissing Resort is located in the tiny fishing village of Lavigne. 15 minutes South West of Sturgeon Falls, 45 minutes West of North Bay and 60 minutes East of Sudbury. Location, location, location. Yes we have it all. Wilderness, Lakes, Rivers and at the sametime full access to the excitement of the cities and towns. You want remote wilderness we have it you want shopping we have that too!

West Nipissing Resort has 12 self contained, modern, Housekeeping or All Inclusive Plan Cottages located on 4 1/2 acres of Prime Waterfront Property located right on Lake Nipissing, Ontario.

Whether you're a Vacationing Family, Outdoor Enthusiest, serious or semi serious Fisherman or a Fisherman with a family, West Nipissing Resort has what you're looking for in a vacation. West Nipissing Resort has the fish ( Northern Pike, Walleye, Muskie and Bass), boat rentals, docking, shopping, sight seeing, wild life, excursions, tourist attractions, boating and much much more to make your vacation a memorable, affordable and an enjoyable one.

Outdoor Enthusists such as: Canoers, ATVer's, Photographers, Wild Life Viewers, Vacationers, Travelers, Hikers, Mountain Bikers, Golfers, Sun Tanners, Birders, Cottagers, Boaters and Hunters will all feel right at home at West Nipissing Resort. We're here to help you in the outdoor activity you participate in or discover new ones you haven't .

West Nipissing Resort, Lake Nipissing, opening the door to a Northern Ontario Vacation at a price most anyone can afford.

Our Canadian Cottages

Clean Northern Cottages

West Nipissing Resort has 12 Canadian cottages located on 4 1/2 acres of prime waterfront property on Lake Nipissing within the muncipality of West Nipissing. West Nipissing Resort is situated 45 minutes west of North Bay and 60 minutes east of Sudbury. We have 12 modern, full ammenitie cottages here at West Nipissing Resort. Our cottages are situated on the property in the following manners: Lakefront, Private Canal and Bluff Top. All are unique locations. For the best views the bluff top is the place to be with panoramic views of the entire area and Lake Nipissing itself. For docking ease, water access or ground level the lakefront or canal locations are best.

West Nipissing Resort's Canadian cottages range in size from 1 bedroom (sleeps 2 people), 2 bedroom (sleep 4), 3 bedroom (sleep 6) and 4 bedroom (sleep 8). Our Canadian cottages all contain the following: indoor plumbing, drinking water (180 ft. drilled well), electric heat, full bath room (4 piece), full kitchen, linens, all cutlery, dishes, pots, pans, coffee maker, fantastic scenery, BBQ (grill), propane supplied and deck.

Fishing at West Nipissing Resort, Lake Nipissing, Ontario

Lake Nipissing is home for West Nipissing Resort. As the name implies West Nipissing Resort is located on Lake Nipissing's West side. "The West is The Best", This phrase is truly an understatement. West Nipissing is home to many fish species and fish structure that is unmatched anywhere else on Lake Nipissing and probably Ontario for that matter. Species include: Northern Pike, Muskie, Walleye, Small Mouth and Large Mouth Bass, Jumbo Perch, Pan Fish (Blue Gill) and Cat Fish. West Nipissing rebels the famous French River for it's breath taking beauty. 100's of islands, calm bays, inlets, treed and rocky shoreline. Adding to this beautiful array of fish habitat and scenery is West Nipissings unique and unmatched fish structure which creates a paradise Lots Of Fish call home. West Nipissing has 100's of sunken islands, shoals, weed flats, rock beds, weed beds, weed lines and drop offs. The waters are filled with bait fish. Lake Nipissing is in area 27 of the MNR's fishing guide.

What truly makes West Nipissing and West Nipissing Resort unique is the fact that it provides a fisherman with access to so many different areas. A fisherman has access to all of the following bays within 20 minutes via boat from West Nipissing Resort: Mid West Bay, Lake Nipissing, Cache Bay, Lake Nipissing, Colins Bay, Lake Nipissing, West Bay Lake Nipissing, Hardwood Islands, Lake Nipissing, Lake Nipissing itself and the French River, which flows out of Lake Nipissing is just 45 minutes away!

Truly, fishing at West Nipissing Resort supplies you, the fisherman with so many opportunites that it is impossible not to catch

West Lake Nipissing - Fish Guarantee and Endorsements

Our Fish Guarantee

Does any other fishing resort offer a fish guarantee? We are so confident in the number of fish in West Nipissing that we offer you one. Our Guarantee is simple: You will catch fish here. The species, quantity and size are all up to you. Whether it is a small perch, blue gill, catfish or a sportfish like our Pike, Muskie, Bass or Walleye you will catch at least one fish on your vacation. We have lots of fish. You can't help but catch one.

Come up and put your fishing skills to work and experience a fishing trip you'll never forget. Many guests last year did and we would love for you to be one this year. Have a look at our customer endorsements below. Their comments and stories speak for themselves. We can provide contact information for these as well as other, numerous, satisfied guests

We look forward to honouring our guarantee with you. Why go anywhere else but West Nipissing Resort? We Guarantee fish. Does anyone else?

West Nipissing Resort's Endorsements

These fishermen below have been coming to West Nipissing Resort for a number of years. All willl be more than happy to talk with you on the phone or by email. Talk to our happy fisherman. They will back up everything we say and give you the confidence to make West Nipissing Resort your next fishing resort destination.

Ed Been coming since 2000. Advid Pike and Muskie fisherman. I really enjoy my fishing trips to West Nipissing Resort. I always catch lots of fish. Of course some days are better than others but I've never come back from a day on the water skunked! That's how Ian can offer his guarantee. There is just lots of fish there period. It is also nice to have an owner who has taken time out of his busy day to join me on the water. Guaranteed Fish at West Nipissing Resort, I'll back that up 100%

Drew and Jill Been coming since 1998 Advid Pike and Small Mouth fisherpeople

We started going to West Nipissing Resort before Ian and Lillian bought the place. The boat rentals are 2nd to none and the cottages are everything you need and more. The fishing gets better every year we go up as our knowledge of the lake increases. The Small Mouths we've caught have been anywhere between 3.5 - 6 LBS. These fish are big, healthy, plentiful and fun to catch. The Pike fishing is absolutely fabulous when the bite is on and taste great too. It's nice to have the owner take the time and teach you how to remove the "Y" bones from the Pike. It's quite an art and Ian has it down to a science. Guaranteed Fish at West Nipissing Resort? For sure, but the numbers, species and size are up to you.

Lou Been coming since 2000 Advid Fisherman

I go fishing with my family every year at West Nipissing Resort. Last year I caught my Muskie. Beautiful! 10 minutes into my holiday and BAM I have him. What a fight it was. I got to brag about it all week. Absolutely a fish for a lifetime. I know why Ian can guarantee fish. I've been there and I agree with him. I say " If you don't catch fish at West Nipissing Resort than you better trade in the fishing tackle and take up knitting because you just don't have it"!

Joe Kvortek Been coming since 2001 Muskie and Pike

I go up with my brothers to West Nipissing Resort. The fishing is good and the Muskie are big. I'll never forget one year we went all the way over to the French River by boat (60 minutes). Ian was puzzled and said we were crazy because the fishing is just as good or better 10 minutes from camp. He showed us where on the map too. Being stubborn we went anyway. We caught fish but nothing like the 50 + inch 40 + LB Muskie we caught just 7 minutes from camp last year. You know, it was right where Ian said it would be. I told you so he said. He was right. Hard to accept, being a stubborn fisherman like myself but he knows his water. Our Muskie proves it! A Fish Guarantee from Ian. You can take that to the bank!

Canoe West Lake Nipissing

Routes: Dokis Route | French River - Eighteen Mile Island Loop | French River - Hartley Bay to Georgian Bay | French River - Hartley Bay to the Delta | French River - Hartley Bay to the Delta No. 2 | French River - Pickerel River |French River - Restoule to Highway 69 | French River - Upper End

West Nipissing Resort, Lake Nipissing Ontario, Canada is the perfect resort to stay at and take advantage of hundreds of miles of waterways that make for perfect canoe routes not many people have experienced. If you are a Canoer who loves to explore on your own West Nipissing Resort makes for the perfect self serve central location. With hundreds of miles of waterways filled to the brim with scenery and wildlife, your can be rest assured your canoeing experience and West Nipissing Resort's Hospitality will leave you longing for more and keep you coming back again and again.

West Nipissing Resort caters to the self serve canoeist who likes to go off and do his/her own thing. We don't offer guided trips but what we do is share our knowledge of our area and it's waterways with you. This will allow you to use your expertise to put together the canoeing exprience you're looking for. You can canoe West Nipissing or we can send you to dozens of lakes within 15 minutes of the resort to explore. If rivers are to your liking we have several for you to float down. You want rapids we got'em. You like marshes, swamps and creeks to find Wildlife? You better get your paddling arms in shape because we have 100's of miles to pull your paddles through. We can send you to remote area's that are rarely if at all traveled so the chance of seeing Northern Ontario's wildlife are extremely enhanced. The options are only limited by your own imagination

The scenery throughout West Nipissing is truly a Northern Ontario Flavour. It's beauty and breath taking scenery rivals any area through out the entire province of Ontario.

Throw the canoe on the roof racks and paddle your way right into the heart of West Nipissing, away from the stress of your life and into the great outdoors of Northern Ontario. You've got the canoeing experience and West Nipissing Resort can help you use it to put together a canoeing vacation of a lifetime without having to pay for guiding services you really don't need. Come and canoe West Nipissing.

Golfing, West Nipissing Resort, Lake Nipissing, Ontario

Golfing, Fishing and vacationing at West Nipissing Resort, Lake Nipissing, Ontario go hand in hand. The selection of golf courses, either 18 hole or 9 hole, within West Nipissing which are only 30 minutes or less away from West Nipissing Resort are numerous: Verner Golf Course, Verner, West Nipissing (10 minutes away) Buck Ridge Golf Course, Markstay/Warren, East Sudbury (30 minutes away) Meadow Springs Golf Course, Monetville, West Nipissing ( 20 minutes away) Laurentide Golf Course, Sturgeon Falls, West Nipissing (20 minutes away) Ever Green Golf Course, Sturgeon Falls, West Nipissing (20 minutes away)

Not only do you have the above golf courses to choose from in West Nipissing but you also have the following to golf at. Either North Bay's or Sudbury's golf courses are both about 60 minutes away.

North Bay Golf and Country Club, North Bay Pinewood Park Inn and Country Club, North Bay Idyl Wylde Golf and Country Club, Sudbury Sudbury Highlands Golf Club, Sudbury Pine Grove Golf Club, Sudbury

Whether you are a pro golfer, just a beginner or a somewhere in between golfer West Nipissing Resort, Lake Nipissing has several Golf courses to meet your needs. Golfing while fishing or vacationing at West Nipissing Resort, Lake Nipissing is the perfect recipe for keeping that game of yours in the place you want it to be, a BELOW PAR performance!

Duck/Bear/Moose/Dear Hunting

Duck Hunting West Nipissing Resort, Lake Nipissing, Ontario duck hunting is world class. Lake Nipissing is on the migratory route for a number of duck species. We have Mallords, Blacks, Buffle Heads, Divers, Teals and Northerns. The West end of Lake Nipissing, has many shallow, sheltered bays, creeks, marshes, swampy as well as farming locations. All less than 15 minutes away by boat. West Nipissing Resort, Lake Nipissing, boasts some of the finest duck hunting in the province of Ontario.

West Nipissing Resort has the duck hunting and the boats to get you there. If you need a guide we can deliever. Come duck hunt at West Nipissing Resort, Lake Nipissing, Ontario and put dinner on the table!

We also have rabbit and grousse for a change of pace!

Boating Lake Nipissing

Lake Nipissing is one of the largest lakes in Ontario.
Around our resort is shallow with lots of island and rocks.
Water skiers should consider going out to an island or remote area.
Windsurfing is not easy because if the weed beds.
Larger boats can travel to North Bay.
Canoes can go to Georgian Bay.
The area is very good for canoing because of the many Island, inland lakes and rivers.
More info to come ...

What To Do In The Area

Sudbury 45 minutes - Science North Situated on a hilltop in the city of Sudbury and overlooking the crystalline waters of Lake Ramsey is Northern Ontario's most popular tourist attraction, and a world leader in science communication - Science North.

Inside is a world of scientific learning opportunities – an extensive exhibit program, science camps, daytime and overnight science workshops and world-renowned guest speakers. Science North creates high quality science education and entertainment experiences for its visitors. These experiences involve everyday people and the relationships between science and technology and everyday life. At Science North visitors are encouraged to use various tools and experience the joy of independent learning. The Science North style has become famous for its visitor-friendly approach, which creates an environment that highlights learning over teaching.

Big Nickel Mine The former Big Nickel Mine is now closed for development of "Dynamic Earth", an exciting, new attraction for Northern Ontario. The famous Big Nickel coin, a 9-metre-high (30-foot) replica of the Canadian five-cent piece has been relocated to the Science North site for the duration of construction.

The Sudbury Arena is the fifth largest in Ontario and a popular venue for local events and entertainment acts. It is also home to the Sudbury Wolves hockey team. (240 Elgin Street. 705-675-7595).

The Sudbury Symphony Orchestra is something of which we are particularly proud. An annual concert series is presented from October to May at Laurentian University and Grand Theatre Centre. (705-673-1280)

The Sudbury Theatre Centre is one of Canada's most successful professional regional theatres. The 297-seat theatre stages a series of live professional productions from September to May. (170 Shaughnessy St. 705-674-8381).

La Galerie du Nouvel Ontario is a Francophone artist-run gall;ery which presents local contemporary and explorative art as well as high quality touring exhibitions. Open Wed - Sat, 12pm-5pm at 132 Durham Street (705-673-4927).

N'Swakamok Shop is operated by the N'Swakamok Native Friendship Centre and features consignment art and crafts by local native artists. Open Sept-June, Mon-Fri,10-5 at 110 Elm Street (705-674-4252).

Sudbury Paint and Custom Framing has consignment artwork and exhibitions by local artists including Bruno Cavallo, a renowned student of the Group of Seven who maintained a studio at the store. 168 Elgin Street, (705-675-7493).

The Attic is operated by the Sudbury Crafts and Arts Foundation. Original crafts and artworks from fashion to pottery. Monthly arts and crafts exhibitions. Open Mon.-Wed and Sat. 10-5.30, Thurs. and Fri.10-9. At the City Centre mall, 2nd Floor (705-673-5141).

Sudbury Public Library - Reference Library hosts the Mary C. Schantz Room with historical photographs, maps and telephone books and directories dating back to 1910. There are microfilm records of the Sudbury Journal and Sudbury Star dating back to 1891. Open Wed.-Sat. 9-5; Tues. 9-9. At Tom Davies Square, 200 Brady Street (705-673-1155).

Centre Franco-Ontarien de Folklore is internationally known thanks to Father Lemieux and his works on Franco-Ontarian culture. There is an impressive collection of tools, household implements and musical instruments used by the first settlers of the area. The Library boasts the largest collection of Franco-Ontarian historical books and traditional songs, tales and legends in the world. Open weekdays 9-4, sat and Sun by appointment. Call ahead for personal tours. 38 Xavier St. off St. Anne's Rd. (705-675 8986).

The Canadian Pacific Railway Station recalls Sudbury's first employer dating back to 1893. Railroad crews laying the CPR tracks discovered the nickel. The present location was constructed in 1907 and has served as the gateway to Sudbury and northern Ontario. 233 Elgin Street.

Church of the Epiphany. In 1911 W.Gowan Gillmor, Sudbury's first Anglican missionary, purchased land from the CPR to build a church for his congregation. Though the original Gothic style church was destroyed by fire, it has been reconstructed to emulate the original turn-of-the-century design. 85 Larch Street.

D'Youville Orphanage was originally built as a French separate school in 1894 and has later served the needs of the community as an orphanage. The building now houses the Centre franco-ontarien de folklore. 38 Xavier St

Memorial Park, in 1917 a municipal board was established to remedy Sudbury's lack of parkland. The boards first act was to acquire a 4 acre parcel from the CPR that would become Memorial Park, now the site of numerous community festivals and events.

Old City Hall was built in 1913 and served as the City Hall for Sudbury for over 35 years. 83 Cedar St.

Ste. Anne's Rectory. Father Nolin, a Jesuit Missionary, built the rectory in 1892 amongst a stand of red and white pines near what is know today as Durham St North. It was bricked over and enlarged in 1890 and remains as one of Sudbury's oldest buildings. 6 Beech Street.

A.Y Jackson Lookout. The site overlooks High Falls, a waterfall formed by the Onaping River as it drops 150 feet at Onaping, 45 kms northwest of Sudbury on Highway 144 just north of Dowling. The fall colors are particularly attractive in this area. (705-966-3461)

Anderson Farm Museum. The Andersons were turn of the century Finnish immigrants. Their farm has been carefully restored and now contains an operating hand made loom, original furnishings, restored agricultural machinery, mining artifacts, dairy farming equipment, and a large photo collection depicting the area's early settlement. 25 Black Lake Rd, Lively. Regional Rd. 55 to Regional Road 24, north 2 kms.(705-692-4448)

North Bay - 50 Minutes

North Bay and area is a splendour of scenery and attractions.

North Bay welcomes everyone to come see the many attractions that are hosted by this area. For starters, how about a five star attraction? The Dionne Museum features the five biggest stars of the world from the 1930s, the Dionne Quintuplets, along with all kinds of other fascinating historical exhibits, displays and artifacts. Plus there's a Travel Information Centre right next door to fill you in on everything from room prices to pizza slices.
Next (or perhaps first) you must visit the North Bay Waterfront. Ah, the waterfront! Here you can stroll along the shore of Lake Nipissing or relax on the beach.

Listen to a free concert regularly put on during the summer by local musicians. Prefer to get moving? Then bike or rollerblade on the new Kate Pace Way, named after North Bay's gold medal-winning downhill skier. You may even see Kate! Take a ride on the Heritage Railway Company's Mini-Train. The 24 passenger train takes you on a 2.5km ride along the city's waterfront. North Bay's Waterfront is home to special events including Canada Day Celebrations on July 1 and the Heritage Festival and Airshow on the Civic Holiday Weekend in early August.

It's at the waterfront that you'll also find the Chief Commanda II, a twin-hull boat that offers a choice of cruises on picturesque Lake Nipissing or the Chief Commanda I restaurant which offers you a great sunset setting while you enjoy a sumptuous dinner. Plus you'll find great places to drink and eat. Friendly people to meet... The Capitol Centre offers only the very best in world wide acts, performances, and exhibits.

Be sure to keep an eye on their performance calendar which offers you a wide variety of options, whether your interest lies in Broadway productions, today's top recording stars, something for the kids, or all-time favorite holiday fare. The W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery is the perfect exhibit gallery for those who enjoy various forms of art. Located in the heart of the city, the Capitol Centre is sure to be on your list of "must see" attractions in the city.
A new attraction is quickly growing in North Bay and tickets are selling out fast. With the advent of the Nipissing Stage Company, summer theatre has taken off locally as an ideal evening entertainment

And there are so many more things for you to experience and exlore in North Bay. Not the least of which is hiking up the trails from Duchesnay Falls to the College Education Centre, home to Canadore College and Nipissing University. For those who prefer to enjoy the sights and history of the area without the task of finding their way around, there are many outdoor tour groups to provide you with competent guides and comfortable transportation as they lead you on a historical tour of the area. The North Bay Area Museum features a wide range of exhibits on local history as well as special exhibitions from the Royal Ontario Museum and other national and provincial museums.

West Nipissing Resort is Easy to Find from points south. travel on Hwy. 400 North to Hwy. 69 or 11 North. We are South of the lavigne Bridge with the office facing Hwy 64.

West Nipissing Resort R.R. #1, Hwy. 64 Lavigne, Ontario, Canada P0H 1R0 Tel: (705) 594-2549

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